20 Jan 2019, 20:50

Static Hugo Site on AWS

Notes pertaining to hosting a static site with Hugo, AWS S3 and CloudFront.

GitHub repo for this project is self contained, content and build pipeline all in one.

☁️ https://github.com/mikeder/dotnet

Write CloudFormation template to build the following:

Using CodeBuild to orchestrate the build and deploy with help from Docker and s3deploy.

After CodeBuild project is setup, create the webhook:

aws codebuild create-webhook --project-name mikederdotnet

Add theme and remove .git directory from it!

Accept defeat and enable static website hosting on the S3 bucket to enforce default root object to index.html.

Testing an image GitHubCodeBuild

By including the code build status image in the readme, I can check at a glance that the most recent build was successful. (They always are.)