28 Jan 2019, 12:52

Service Health Monitor

Starting a small personal project written in golang. I’d like to build a lightweight service health checker, similar to Pingdom. Make simple GET requests against a health endpoint to start, add more complex request/response checking logic in the future. Maintain some historical data so that a spark line of repsonse time/health status can be shown in the front end.

☁️ https://github.com/mikeder/gopinger


  • Scheduling periodic tasks, redis, gocron?
  • AWS integration to pull all routes from an ALB
  • Alerting via Slack, Discord, Email, etc. (extensible alerting channels)
  • Default vs Custom health check path ( /status, /custom/path )
  • Deafult vs Custom health check request (method, response introspection, etc.)

Found this package for “http-tracing”, it will be useful for getting request duration metrics. http-tracing