Proxmox - Storage Gateway

19.10.2018 01:23
  • Download AWS appliance .ova

  • Unpack .ova:

meder@pve:~$ tar xvf AWS-Appliance-2018-09-26-1537973163.ova
  • Import .ovf:
root@pve:~# qm importovf 110 /home/meder/AWS-Appliance-2018-09-26-1537973163.ovf local-lvm
  • Import VM image .vmdk:
root@pve:/# qm importdisk 110 /home/meder/AWS-Appliance-2018-09-26-1537973163-disk1.vmdk local-lvm
  Using default stripesize 64.00 KiB.
  Logical volume "vm-110-disk-1" created.
  • Change disk1 driver to VirtIO
  • Add additional VirtIO disk2 to allocate to cache.
  • Add network adapter.
  • Adjust memory to fit on your host, minimum recommended is 16GB.

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