Jamuary 2023

17.01.2023 19:17

Some lessons learned from my studio jams during Jamuary 2023.

  1. Use a DAW template!
    1. Setup the mixer and audio interface to work generically enough with the outboard gear you want to use.
    2. Record stems and a mixer “main” if you can. If the main mix is good enough great, job done. If not you have stems to “remix” the main performance.
  2. Levels are easier to correct with less noise, in the digital domain.
  3. Don’t master to 0.0dB, leave some room, typically shoot for -1.1 to -0.3dB.
  4. Don’t over do it. Its not easy to churn out an audio track/video/social post every day, if you’re not enjoying it anymore or life gets in the way, thats ok!
Tags: music production tips jamuary

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