Jamuary 2024 Day 1

01.01.2024 16:37

Jamuary 2024 is starting off with “relearning” my studio. Coming off of a week long rearrangement, re-racking and re-cabling effort, it will take me some time to get comfortable with the new layout and connectivity of things.

Despite the reorganization, I still managed 2 different jams today. Making good use of the rack mount synths I have been neglecting for years. I recorded and put up a video for the first, but the second jam is my favorite - so I shared it on my music server here. Eventually, the whole Jamuary 2024 playlist will be shared here.

Gear Used:

  • Novation A-Station
  • Studio Elecronics SE-1
  • Elektron Digitakt
  • x0xb0x
  • Arturia Keystep Pro
  • Tascam M216
  • Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK

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