How to Alert

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Define SLI’s and SLO’s We have to define what is successful operation of the service. Burger World example: Burger World has 3 main objectives: Serve customer orders at drive through in 3min or less. Serve customer orders at walk up counter in 5min or less. Less than 1% of orders result in corrective action. First assume that all other operations are working as designed, we only monitor and alert on deviations from the primary objectives. Read more...

MBA Monterey

Tags: Apple macOS M1 computing
Issues after upgrading my 2020 Macbook Air (m1) to macOS Monterey: Battery life went to shit, have to enable low power mode on battery. Bitwig and SoundCraft MTK 12 mixer no longer cooperate. Issue #1 I don’t have a whole lot of evidence to support but it did feel like the battery life on my brand new Macbook Air M1 had gotten a lot worse after the upgrade to Monterey (12. Read more...

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