Jupiter 6 Repairs 2022

Tags: Vintage Synthesizer Repair
I’ve begun to address the issues with my Jupiter 6 so I figured I’d start a new post specific to this repair attempt. Factory Board Mods Replacing the caps Calibration Testing Also to note, the serial number of this synth is 322280, making it one of the later runs as far as the notes in the service manual suggest. It was previously sold or serviced by Pi Keyboards & Audio Inc in Cleveland Ohio (216)-741-2211. Read more...

Roland Juno 6 Repairs 2022

Tags: Vintage Synthesizer Repair
I’ve finally gotten around to starting, and finishing, some long overdue repairs to my Roland Juno 6. When I purchased the synth, it had a broken bender lever. This is a pretty common thing and replacements can be found fairly cheaply - I purchased mine from Syntaur. It also had a missing slider cap at the time, which I also found a replacement for from Syntaur. After owning the synth for a while, I discovered that the PWM control was non-functional. Read more...

Jupiter 6 Issues 2022

Tags: Vintage Synthesizer Repair
Jupiter 6 w/ Europa fails to boot, shows code F6. Opened it up, reseated all connectors around main boards and problem went away. Will revist at another time, if its working, its working. Update October 23, 2022 The JP-6 was acting up again tonight. At this point I think I’ll contact BellToneSynthWorks in Philadelphia, PA to see if they can help. Before I do that I want to collect my notes on previous attempts to address the issues that have been plaguing this synth since I bought it. Read more...

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