MBA Monterey

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Issues after upgrading my 2020 Macbook Air (m1) to macOS Monterey: Battery life went to shit, have to enable low power mode on battery. Bitwig and SoundCraft MTK 12 mixer no longer cooperate. Issue #1 I don’t have a whole lot of evidence to support but it did feel like the battery life on my brand new Macbook Air M1 had gotten a lot worse after the upgrade to Monterey (12. Read more...

VM Restore

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Restoring VM’s after a host SSD gets cooked. When I went to power my homelab server back on, after sitting idle for 8 months while we moved house, it displayed some concerning ata device warnings on boot. After a reboot it failed an automatic run of fsck -a and recommended performing a manual run. The root device /dev/mapper/pve-root was corrupted and after performing several manual filesystem checks the system could no longer boot. Read more...

TTSH v4 Build Part 1

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The TTSH (TwoThousandSixHundred) v4 is the latest incarnation of a DIY clone of the now infamous ARP 2600 synthesizer from the early 1970’s. The TTSH project was originally started by The Human Comparator in 2013, it has gone through many revisions and bug fixes to the main PCB since then. Originally launched it was sold as “The Kit” that came with the powder coated and screen printed front panel, main PCB and 3 VCO PCB’s for $620 USD. Read more...

Asset Test

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I’ve setup a CloudFront distribution to serve some static assets and media files for this domain. This will make load times faster and allow me to serve content from AWS’s edge locations instead of from a single container instance of this “blog”. Testing some random image embeds here:

Minecraft Status

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I spent the better part of the day yesterday working on a Minecraft status checker package for the site. The Minecraft query protocol is somewhat tricky to implement for a novice like me but apparently it changes a bit when there are plugins involved on the server. I’ll update this post later with some of my findings. For now, there is a neat, albeit somewhat basic status page here Well, I tried to update this post but apparently my token went invalid while I was typing it and I lost it all when I hit “Save”. Read more...

Go Rewrite - UPGRAYEDD's

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At the point where rewritten functionality needs some upgrading. Login, db models/mgmt stuff, etc. all needs improving over what is in place in the Python code. JWT login db models/mgmt featured/favorite cards

Go Rewrite - Load

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GOMAXPROCS=2 meder@devb0x:wrk$ wrk http://localhost:3000 -c 100 -d 15s -t 4 Running 15s test @ http://localhost:3000 4 threads and 100 connections Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev Latency 37.13ms 45.17ms 398.89ms 84.51% Req/Sec 1.13k 226.65 1.99k 71.67% 67708 requests in 15.01s, 289.02MB read Requests/sec: 4511.45 Transfer/sec: 19.26MB GOMAXPROX=4 meder@devb0x:wrk$ wrk http://localhost:3000 -c 100 -d 15s -t 4 Running 15s test @ http://localhost:3000 4 threads and 100 connections Thread Stats Avg Stdev Max +/- Stdev Latency 24. Read more...

Go Rewrite

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I’m rewriting this old blog in Go for a couple reasons: Updating the old Python container was getting to be a pain in the ass. Due to the tornado-blog project being based on Python 2.7 and just being janky as fuck otherwise, I figured it would be easier to rewrite it in Go. There are some aspects of the Go standard library that I didn’t have much exposure to yet. Serving static files and dynamic template pages is always useful to know how to do, so I wanted to look at "html/template" and some other facets of "net/http". Read more...

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